Construction Pipeline Inspector Benchmarking Surveys (Reports 1 - 3)

    In 2019, Jiva Consulting surveyed 100 pipeline construction inspectors to gain insight into pipeline construction inspection workforce demographics. A pipeline construction inspector is the pipeline owner’s on-site representative during pipeline construction and maintenance activities; their work is crucial to ensuring that safe and reliable pipelines are built, operated, and maintained.

    However, this role is part of a hidden oil and gas job market, with limited quantitative data available about the workforce. The insights provided by this survey helped Jiva create a series of reports that were used to answer some frequently asked questions about pipeline construction inspectors.

    Although the data was collected in 2019, this information is still valuable in 2023. We are excited to share these articles with our network, starting with the first three articles in the series.

    A summary of some of the insights provided by this survey are provided in the following reports:


    We're hoping our audience looks forward to the rest of the series, which will be released over the coming weeks.