New Agreement to Create Career Pathways for Displaced Energy Workers

    Global Energy Transition (GET) and Jiva Consulting (Jiva) are pleased to announce that they have entered into an agreement to actively advance the transition of talented individuals towards new opportunities to support a rapidly decarbonizing economy.

    The agreement establishes a collaboration framework to develop practical and creative solutions for technical individuals in the traditional energy sector by broadening the available training and support options GET provides through partnerships. The initial focus of the agreement will be the deployment of training in the form of short courses that will provide foundational knowledge on key energy transition technologies. While the training can be used in many ways, it is of particular benefit to individuals that already have technical skills but lack the context and drivers of the latest technologies.

    The approach is based on extensive experience in both organizations in understanding the existing energy infrastructure as well as the needs of established professionals as they make career transitions. With this insight, the partnership provides multiple pathways for bridging individuals to new and desirable roles..

    GET Board Chairman, Sonia Clayton, said that with this industry partnership, GET will be able to provide a broader range of solutions to support individuals that are part of the energy transition.

    “We are excited to work with Jiva who are experts in bridging knowledge transfer gaps for individuals already established in their fields but are looking to upskill or transition,” Clayton said.

    GET already has strong relationships with a number of post secondary institutions and the collaboration with Jiva enhances our existing partnerships and allows us to expand the options we are able to provide for our clients to include industry-based approaches and solutions.

    Sonia Clayton
    GET is a Texas-based non profit corporation focused on advancing displaced energy workers, professionals, and entrepreneurs, toward new or existing businesses or employment opportunities, including the new low-carbon emissions economy. For more information contact Sonia Clayton (713-560-5356).

    Jiva is an independent consulting and educational organization with significant experience in effective knowledge transfer for deeply technical topics to support competency in energy and infrastructure.