Jiva’s Course on the Integration of Hydrogen into the Energy Industry Now Available

    Hydrogen Is Not a Silver Bullet

    Introducing Jiva’s new course providing an overview of the future development and integration of hydrogen into the current energy industry.

    Based on an extensive review of global research, this course provides a summary of what is technically feasible now, as well as future opportunities and constraints to provide a straightforward explanation of what is possible–and what is not possible–with hydrogen. This enables individuals and organizations to gain a practical understanding of the role hydrogen can play in the changing energy industry and contribute to a deeper, fact-based dialogue on hydrogen’s role.

    In commenting on the course, Jiva Consulting President Reena Sahney said that we need a greater understanding about various clean fuels–specifically their strengths and weaknesses:

    “We are excited to release this course to support dialogue within our industry. Our current reliance on fossil fuels is a reality–as is the need for a transition. While hydrogen pathways are needed, it is important we understand its role as one of the many mechanisms we will need to support a responsible energy transition.”

    Individuals that will benefit from this course include people working in the energy sector that are anticipated to be contributing to hydrogen-related projects, as well as supporting service providers, policymakers, and media personnel focused on the energy industry and climate change.