• Management Systems 
We support our clients in their development, review, and updating of their Management System Policies, Procedures, and Practices. We use our broad base of experience to provide solutions that consider the technical, practical, and change management aspects of implementation. Our solutions are systematic and consistent.

• Competency Development
We assist companies in developing and maturing competency frameworks within their organization or industry. Our approach focusses on the knowledge, skills, and abilities that an individual or specific role must have (and demonstrate) in order to successfully do the job that is required of them. Paired with custom training solutions, competency development and training guides a company’s efforts to increase competency in their workforce and mature competency development in the pipeline industry.

• Custom Training
We deliver rich customized technical training for companies looking to expand technical knowledge and understanding of the energy industry for their personnel. We draw upon a proven set of tools and methodologies, such as our Pipeline Knowledge Map©, to combine subject matter expertise and educational methodologies, to develop the fundamental framework of the training program. This allows the development of learning solutions that are flexible enough to facilitate the needs of the individual learner while remaining consistent and systematic to lead individuals to attain a pre-defined outcome. Established course development methods can then be applied to develop training content that can be delivered in a traditional classroom format, online, or in a blended manner.

• Client Specific Consulting
We support our clients with a variety of consulting solutions ranging from process improvement, facilitation, internal strategic planning, and other services as requested on a project specific basis. We work to create effective consulting solutions for clients based on a customized approach.

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